Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are You a Pack Rat?

I was really surprised after watching the show Hoarders on television about two days ago. The show focuses on people who have problems about parting things or people who tried to keep as many things as possible and can't let go of anything. I was really shock after I watch that show because sometimes I thought our apartment is the messiest place on the planet every now and then especially if we don't organize things and keep our place tidy and neat.

After I watch that show, I realize that we actually like to keep our apartment clean and neat all the time. There is in fact a scene on that show Hoarders that makes me uncomfortable because it was really out of control, chaotic, messy and gross.

I am happy that my husband and I like to donate things and we don't like to accumulate things that have no value.


Dorothy L said...

I have never been a pck rat. I am an organizer freak :)

It seriously came in handy raising 4 kids. Everything had its place:)

texaswithlove1982 said...

Well, I have learn to be very organize because I come from a big family and we only live in a small house before. My mom taught us well to be always neat and tidy.

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