Friday, September 11, 2009

A Hearty Meal is a Happy Meal

It is really hard sometimes to cook a hearty meal when you are working two full time jobs and attend school at the same time. I feel that I have no time to cook especially when I have other important things to take care of before the end of the day. For these past few weeks, I have been struggling to balance my time and energy to be a good wife who prepares a good meal and a wife who also works and attends school.

I am very fortunate to have found delicious food from Buddig called Fix Quix meal. This product is very healthy and it is promoted by the American Heart Association for all people across the nation. The Fix Quix meal has no MSG, no Trans fat, all natural flavors, gluten free and lastly it contains the seal from the American Heart Association.

The Fix Quix is a healthy snack for kids because it contains a lot of protein; and adults who are watching their calorie intake per meal. It also comes in different flavors such as Fix Quix Grilled Chicken, Fix Quix Oven Roasted Turkey and Fix Quix Smoked Ham.

If you are interested to try any of the flavors that I mentioned above you may want to use this $1.00 online coupon. Remember, this coupon is ONLY good in Texas, Arizona and St. Louis.

Check it out now and enjoy this wonderful meal from Buddig Fix Quix Meal today!


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