Monday, January 4, 2010

Babies Formula

I will be meeting my mother's siblings this coming weekend during our get together party at the beach. I've heard from my sisters that my Aunt Marilou just gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Marie Ann. I am planning to purchase a lot of baby formula and baby food for my baby cousin while I am here visiting them.

While checking my email online I have come across the famous Sam's Club online store that offers different brand names of baby food formula such as Similac Advance Early-Shield Powder, Enfamil Premium Lipil Infant Formula, Nestle Good Start Supreme Infant Formula, Member's Mark Gentle Formula and many more.

The Sam's Club store offers the biggest selection of infant formula so if you are a new Mommy or have a newly born baby then please click any of the links on this post. Mommies check this out today!

1 comment:

analou said...

Congrats to your Aunt for having a baby girl. Hope the baby will enjoy this baby foods and baby formulas.

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