Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disneyland and California Adventures

Visiting Disneyland and California Adventures for two days before heading home was awesome. Though we never had the chance to ride all the rides that were there but still we were very happy that we came to visit the place. It was raining for two days in California and we had to wear our rain coats all the time.

My husband and I went to ride the Space Mountain and wow I thought I'm going to passed out before the ride ended. I was so scared that I was just closing my eyes until it stops. Then we went to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

Then the following day I was just strolling around the place and visiting the shops there, while my husband was riding the Screamers Roller Coaster. I told my husband that I will never ride a roller coaster because I can't handle the big drops and quick turns. I did took a lot of pictures so I will definitely upload them ASAP.

I just want to thank everyone who visited my blog site while I was gone!


analou said...

I've been to Disneyland too and I am scared to ride in the roller coaster. Baka himatayin ako. So, I am just contented riding some of the rides that not that scary. I am glad you enjoy your disneyland adventure.

shydub said...

Thats a lot of fun, sana you took me with you sis tagabitbit lng hehe.

klivengood said...

ahak..gabasa ra ko sa roller coaster Gee, mura nako nalipong ug gikabuhi ahak...estorya pa lang to ha? saon na lang kung musakay na jud...hahaha

ay humana bakasyon??? dalia ra oi..wa nang hilak tong mga tarsier didto Gee? heheh

pictures ha, post ASAP hehehe

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