Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today is our Last Day in Bohol, Philippines

It has been raining recently in Bohol, Philippines, and the Internet Connection at Metro Centre was not available until this morning. The swimming pool is located at the roof of this hotel and since it has been raining, we have not had the opportunity to go and swim. Me and my husband do not like the rain too much, especially since this is our last day in Bohol, Philippines, and we would like to do many more activities before we return home.

It is very hard to leave my family again but I know this will not be the last time for us to visit them in the Philippines. Our flight for Manila is scheduled tomorrow morning and we will stay there for 1 night before our flight back home this coming Sunday.

Anyways, I really had so much fun with my family and seeing my brothers and my sisters all grown up. I will be seeing them again today after their classes are over.

1 comment:

klivengood said...

ayy dalia ra oi...human naman ang bakasyon...i know the feeling pag mulakaw na sad tah...anyway, ingat sa biyahe ug enjoy lang Gee.

Have a nice trip.

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