Friday, January 22, 2010

You Got Time?

I just visited my family over a week ago and I missed them already. I was actually checking my planner this morning to see if I have important things that needed to be done in the following days to come. I was reminded that my brother Eric will be celebrating his 19th birthday the following month. While visiting my family in the Philippines, my brother Eric had asked me if I can purchase a seiko kinetic watch for him because he needs it when he attends his classes at a local college in the Philippines.

While searching the web today, I have come across with this wonderful website called Bluedial online store that offers different brands of watches for men and women such as Diesel watches, Casio watches, Ebel watches, Fossil watches, Hamilton watches, Gucci watches, Seiko watches, Omega watches and many more.

After checking their watches today I have decided to purchase my brother's watch at Bluedial online store in the following weeks to come. I also included a picture of the Seiko watch that I am planning to purchase for my brother's birthday.

What are you waiting for? Check the Bluedial online store today!

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