Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Birthday Girl Emily

We attended two kids birthday party yesterday. One invitation came from one of my colleagues at work for her daughter Emily and the other invitation came from (Kumare and Kumpadre) for the birthday celebration of our godson Jayden's second birthday.

The first birthday party that we went was pretty cool because they hired people to do face painting for the kids, they made different forms of balloons, and they also nail painting for the kids as well. Even the adults were inspired to get face painting. They served us with nachos, burgers, hotdogs, chili soup, cakes and more. It was really fun.

After two hours my husband and I decided to check out our Godson's birthday party. We had already expected that these will be another gathering for the Filipino community here in Texas and without a doubt there were plenty of them that came. We brought our gifts and say hello to most of the people in the party. The food was delicious because it was all Filipino foods. Since we were already full, dear hubby and I didn't eat much. Indeed, yesterday was a glorious day after all. We were so happy that we both got the day off.

Today is great also because we have the time to give thanks to the Lord by attending the church services this morning.

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