Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Husband's Grandpa Passed Away

It is so hard to deal with pain especially when you lose a loved one. Yesterday, we loss one of the greatest man I've ever known since I married my husband. Dear husband's grandpa (abuelo) passed away yesterday of old age. He was 92 years old and he was a World War 2 veteran who fought in the Philippines during his active years in the military. He is survived by his wife who is my husband's grandma and she is 90 years old. They raised seven children all together along with their grand-children, great-grand children and great-great-grandchildren.

My husband had a lot of great memories with him and we are praying for his eternal rest. We are also praying that Grandma (abuela) will recover from her loss and we are praying that she will still be here when hubby and I will have our first child in the future.

Rest in peace Grandpa Lalo! We will miss you.

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