Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Much Going On

Today was another busy day at my working place and I am glad that my shift is finally over. I can finally get some time to relax before I go out with some friends from my place of work for a birthday celebration. One of my colleagues from my place of work is celebrating her 40th birthday and she would like to go dancing and singing. I am extremely excited because this will be my first time to go out with them including my two bosses. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine.

On the other hand, I am extremely nervous for this coming week not only that I have to go back to school but I have an important interview coming up which will change the course of my life. I am praying and hoping that I can achieve what I've been dreaming to get my whole life. Anyways, I would like to wish everyone a happy weekend with their family and friends.

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