Friday, June 28, 2013

I Love My Waterproof Mascara

As a girl, I always make sure that I look my best when I leave the house so I usually try to wear stylish clothes as well as jewelry. I believe however that one of the most important things to wear other than clothes is actually makeup. I like the fact that the makeup that I wear really enhances how I look. Sometimes when I really have my makeup done very well, my co-workers don’t even recognize me. For very special occasions and dinner dates with my husband I will wear eyeliner, lipstick, blush and of course mascara. Actually I really do like to wear mascara on special occasions because along with my eyeliner it really enhances how my eyes look. I feel that mascara gives me just an extra effect to my overall look that really actually makes a great impression. I like how mascara really enhances my eyelashes and makes my eyes appear so much more beautiful. Since I live in a very hot climate I believe that waterproof mascara is a must because it always stays on no matter what. When I wear mascara that is not waterproof it seems to come off quite easily especially in these summer months it feels as if my makeup is going to melt off. If you are like me, I highly suggest that you check out waterproof mascara it is must have accessory.

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