Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Merlot Moistuirizer and Merlot Divine by Merlot Skin Care

I have always been very careful about which products that I put on my skin especially since my skin gets irritated easily. While searching the web for skin care products I have come across this wonderful website called Merlot Skin Care which specializes in different skin care products for all the beautiful women out there. I got so interested to try out their products after I found out that their main ingredients comes from grape seed which make use of its nature powerful antioxidants and anti aging capability.

By the way, I’ve picked two products to review from their website. My first pick was Merlot Moisturizer and my second choice was Merlot Divine perfume. In fact, I fell in love the moment I applied my Merlot Moisturizer on my face because it feels so light and I can use it as my primer before applying my make-up.  Also, I like the subtle scent of Merlot Divine because I smell so fresh and clean. The glass bottle looks great and can be recycled as a single vase of your favorite flower. 

Plus, the other interesting part about Merlot Skin Care products is that their main headquarter is located in El Paso, Texas where I also reside. Take note, Merlot Skin Care is a family run business which is based in Texas and all items are made in the US A. What are you waiting for? Please like them on Facebook and or subscribe to their newsletter by signing here

Disclosure: Products mentioned above were provided for FREE by Merlot Skin Care for product endorsement/review purposes.   I am disclosing this post in accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Jerla Oh lalala said...

Sounds like a wonderful product. I want to try their cream for black circles around my eyes.

Mel Cole said...

nice to have skin products like this as our facial skin needs tlc everyday.

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