Monday, December 15, 2008

Blue Christmas!

I miss the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines. Christmas here in the US is totally different than what I am used too before. Christmas for me is the happiest occasion in the entire year especially if my family is complete. This will be my 3rd Christmas here in Texas since I got married with my husband. Although, I received nice and expensive gifts from family and friends here nothing beats the jolly Christmas in the Philippines.

I remember those days when we stay awake watching movies, talking with friends and families,dancing and singing. My mother and my grandma prepares a lot of food every Christmas. You can hear fireworks all the time, loud music and seeing happy people around you. We are hoping in the future to spend our holidays in the Philippines, it will be so nice.


faye said...

korek ka kabayan walang tatalo sa xmas natin sa pinas!
boring din xmas here sa germany.

texaswithlove1982 said...

Haha, same here in the States! Parang ordinary day lang kung baga dito!

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