Thursday, December 11, 2008

Only The Highest Quality Of Art

Have you heard about Mary Jane Goods? They were actually founded by the "Father of the Genetic Art". They are offering the best of high end quality items from the DNA genetic finger printing of Cannabis. Combining DNA genetic fingerprinting with a touch of an icon of pop culture. Their inspiration was based on the Grandmason's work with DNA that focuses on endangered species. You can actually count on them with the best collection of high quality art, the best designs for your clothes, where else can you get this kind of product? Also, they are creating original designs and products which are very peculiar that you can only find at the Mary Jane Goods website. Mary Jane Goods is the very first company to create custom genetic portraits of C. Sativa most popularly known as Cannabis. Their products includes clothes for men and women, Canvas art, and last but not the least is Block Art. If you want to know more about Mary Jane Goods then please click Mary Jane Show your class and inner beauty with Mary Jane Goods products.

Here are two of the products from Mary Jane Goods :

Art Stash Box

DNA fingerprint of C. Sativa

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