Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pillow Case Making!

I remember that my mother and my grandmother use to teach us on how to sew pillow cases, table covers, bed sheets, curtains and sew clothes that are torn.

Well, I mostly do sew clothes especially the once that are torn and I do that often for my husband and for myself. I was checking the cloth at Wal-mart today and I saw a lot of wonderful cloth that I can make into a pillow case, sofa cover and table covers. I am excited to begin my first project because the only thing that is lacking for me to create the first set of my project is the cloth. I told my husband that next week after I received my pay check at work I would like to purchase the cloth that I saw at Wal-mart as well other materials to make it more beautiful. It will be a great project to start on!

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