Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Soup? Anyone?

Did you know that a single serving of some soups contain as many calories as a Big Mac and on top of the fat and calories – some brands contain half a day’s worth of sodium!

Please avoid these kind of soups at all cost:

1. Most canned soups. Many of them contain trans fats, more than half a day’s worth of sodium and even MSG. A lot of condensed soups are culprits – but they’re also the cheapest. So if someone’s on a budget, they may be ruining their diet. So look at the labels – and try to pick one with 200 calories or less per serving. There are plenty on store shelves that have that.

2. Powdered soups- Because of the artificial additives in powdered soup mixes, they’re often worse than canned soups. The calorie content may be low – but one serving of cream of vegetable has over 1,100 milligrams of sodium – and most people easily eat two servings. So there’s you’re entire day’s worth of sodium in one bowl. You may as well eat a Weinershnitzel Pastrami Dog and live it up a little if you’re going down that route.

3. Creamy soups- One restaurant chain’s popular Cream of Broccoli soup has as many fat grams as a 20 piece chicken McNuggets!

4. Resist the add-ons- Croutons, bacon bits, bread on the side – or even worse, a bread bowl! The bread bowl alone is 600 calories! Keep this in mind, a savory bowl of French onion with the cheese melted on top is 700 calories! For that amount, you could stuff your face with two servings of Panda Express Sweet & Sour Pork – and at least you’d be full!

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