Saturday, May 30, 2009

White Lie?

I just arrived from my night shift job and it was very interesting because one of my worker was caught lying to everyone. She was supposed to work with us for the night shift but then she called in around 4 o'clock in the afternoon telling our boss that she can't come to work because her sister was in the hospital due to some allergic reaction. Her reason was that she needs to watch her sister's children while her sister will be confine in the hospital.

My boss was kind of upset but he was considerate enough to tell her not to come because of the family emergency. Guess what happened? One of my co-worker's cousins who also work for us told her cousin Mr. C that Miss Y is with them and they are at the carnival.

Everyone was pissed because we have to cover her shift and we have to do double work because we don't have enough people to work for the evening shift. When our big boss found out that she lied to him then he was really upset and will give Miss Y a two week suspension from work.

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