Friday, May 15, 2009

When To Throw Out Your Makeup

Be careful! Most beauty products don't have an expiration date, but they do go bad. Periodically purge your medicine cabinet, your bag or wherever else you have makeup tucked away. Here's when to can it:


Can it after 3-6 months

It's especially important to change mascara often (even if you have some left). Air can push bacteria into the tube and cause an eye infection.


Can it after 6 months

Even if you sharpen your eyeliner every week to keep it fresh, bacteria can still grow around the tip. You'll know it's there when the pencil starts to crumble as you're sharpening it.


Can it after 6 months

Water-based formulas last a few weeks longer than oil-based ones.

Eye Shadow

Can it after 9-12 months

Old shadows get chalky and difficult to apply.


Can it after 1-2 years

If your blush breaks, throw it out right away -- and don't salvage the chunks -- they'll be difficult to blend and will look caked on.

Lip Color

Can it after 2 years

Replace lipsticks earlier if you notice oil beads on the side or the color looks different when you apply.

This is an article I read from All You Magazine.


Cecile said...

hahaha, i guess i need to throw all my make up now :-)...they are all expired!

texaswithlove1982 said...

Hehe.....I was actually have to throw some of the gifts that I never use because they are expired too.

peppermayo said...

nice tip...I can use those signs since I can't really remember when I started using each item. Thanks for sharing!

DigiscrapMom said...

I started marking the dates as to when I got the makeup so I could dispose of it when they expire. it helps :)

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