Monday, May 18, 2009

Do You Shop at The Dollar Store?

Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store are:

1. Shampoo- The good news about shampoos and conditioners is that there is no difference in quality between the cheap ones and pricier versions.

2. Spices-The article mentioned that a jar of paprika costs almost $4.50 at the supermarket, but at a dollar store, you could get the same amount of paprika for only 99 cents – it was just a different brand. If you’re worried about buying non-name-brand spices, know this: ALL single-ingredient items "must" follow strict government regulations.

Things You Should Not Buy at the Dollar Store:

Batteries- Many dollar-store batteries are the carbon-zinc variety, which drain more quickly and are more sensitive to heat and cold than traditional alkaline batteries.

Vinyl lunchboxes and jewelry- They’ve been recalled from dollar stores as dangerous sources of lead. Even though there are new regulations in place, it’s best to be cautious and buy them elsewhere.

3. Electrical products-They may not be wired to handle the current they receive. Some also have shoddy insulation around the wiring, which can pose a fire risk.

4. Toothpaste- In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers that many brands of toothpaste found at dollar stores carried a poisonous chemical found in antifreeze! Although recalls were issued, some of these products could still be on shelves. So, it's probably best to steer clear.

This is an article I read at MSN Money.

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