Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is ATM Skimming?

ATM's - a skimmer is basically a card reader but it’s hard-to-spot. Then, as you swipe your card, the skimmer steals your information off your card’s magnetic strip. Crooks can also use hidden cameras to record victims typing in their PIN codes. Or place devices on top of the keypad that transmit a person’s PIN to a nearby laptop. Obviously, once a crook has this information, they can drain your bank account.

This are the following tips to protect your ATM card:

1. Be aware of your surroundings- Be extra careful of machines in dark areas or in places that don’t look well guarded and monitored.

2. Cover your hand as you type in your PIN- This will make it harder for a hidden camera to record your PIN number.

3. Be careful when you type in your PIN code- If it’s difficult to punch the keys or you feel resistance, it could mean a device was placed on top of the ATM’s keypad.

4. Pay attention to the FRONT of machines- If it looks different from others in the area, use a different machine. Also, be careful if the ATM has sticky residue on it – this could be a sign there’s a device attached to it.

This is an article from ABCnews website.


Tripzibit said...

I'll be more careful when using ATM. Thanks for sharing this :D

peppermayo said...

it's nice of you to share this. people need to know. i'm only aware of these scams because i used to work in a bank and for several months i was working with just ATMs and calling people at megalink all day. your post sort of made me miss those days.

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