Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mom

 Guest post from: Jerald Hammond

My mom and dad recently moved into the city which has made my life so much easier. They’re really great with my kids and even though I work from home it’s nice when they can come over in the mornings and watch the girls while I get some real work done. People seem to think you just put the kid in the other room and viola – they’re entertained all day – but nope, you’ve got to watch what they’re doing or they’ll pull the TV down on top of them! I love my kids to death but ever since I got clear internet New York it’s been really tempting for me to shut myself off in my office and just work my fingers to the bone. I think it’s important to make time for family and for work but right now my work is booming and it’s really hard not to want to focus on that because it’s making us money. My husband’s in real estate so we could really use it right now!

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