Friday, February 3, 2012

Sad and Happy Moment

The burial of my husband's grandfather yesterday went well. Though it was a sad moment for everyone especially the immediate family and so forth but it was also the time to reminisce the wonderful things they could think off about their favorite time with their grandpa. Like for instance, some of the cousins who lived in California for a long time remember seeing my husband in diaper and according to them, that was the last time they saw him before their family moved to California over 30 years ago. It was really crazy and very special for everyone. We took a lot of pictures after the burial and stay there and talk for hours.

My dear hubby's family is planning for a reunion in the future and hopefully this time it will get push-through. Happy weekend folks!

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merlmd said...

this happens even in the Philippines...we see our 2nd and 3rd degree relatives only on BLK days (binyag, libing, kasal). I enjoy your blogs. You are welcome to visit mine too.

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