Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hangover Helpers!

I would like to share what I read in the National Geographic Magazine. It is very interesting because they are giving tips on how to handle hangover after party! So for those people who likes to drink and expecting to have hangover these is all for you guys. This is an around the world suggestions.

1. Germany- A pickled Herring fish or marinated herring fish is the main ingredient in a sour snack of Germans called Rollmops. Considered to be an excellent way to ward off a bad hangover, they're made by wrapping fillets of the tiny white fish around bits of onions and gherkins. Rollmops can be part of the welcome hangover breakfast.

2. China- people who have hangover in China drink tea- strong green tea to be specific. Water with lemon or vinegar is also thought to do the trick.

3. Romania- A tripe soup aka cow stomach is to go to the ingredients to the Romanian's who is suffering from hangovers. The edible offal is boiled in a greasy, salty soup of root vegetables, vinegar, garlic and cream.

4. Italy- coffee is part of the Italian lifestyles to drink coffee in the morning, after every meal or after every hangover. Strong made espresso is what Italians do to beat the pounding headache if it means quaffing the whole pot.

5. USA-tomato juice and eggs to be drink when you have hangover it is made of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and raw egg yolk. This is meant to be drink quickly.

6. Mexico-Vuelva a la vida; a wet salad made of shrimp and other shellfish bound with tomato sauce, onions, lime, cilantro and bright zippy flavor it means "return to life". They use this to beat hangover in Mexico.

7. Russia- they usually head straight to the sauna's to beat hangover problem. They use the leaf of a birch tree to whip themselves to stimulate blood circulation.

8. Netherlands- they believe that in order for you to get rid of hangover you have to drink cold beers in a tall glass.

9. Japan- Umeboshi is a super salty pick plum that is a remedy for Japanese drinkers. They also have miso soups with fresh clams or fresh or dried persimmons.

10. Poland- their hangover remedies are all about Sour. One of their hangover remedies are very sour pickled juice or soured milk.

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