Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tony's Hairstylist!

My hubby decided to buy hair clipper to cut his own hair. He usually goes to the men salon every 2-3 weeks when his hair grows long already. He does not like when his hair is long, well we cut his hair awhile back. He always has one style and that's like the military style hair cut it's short and neat. I help him shave his head and trim the outside part. He is actually satisfied with the result. We are getting ready for our pictorial at the studio, although we have many pictures together but still he wants to go the studio to take a professional pictorial for us. The picture above is the finish hair cut.


Nanaybelen said...

Hi came here to give you some smiles

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Chinese New Year!

amiable amy said... looks good anyway...He looks so handsome...i do cut the hair of my hubby since April, so we save the money for that...i just learn this skill but, it is for my hubby only hehehe

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