Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Words You Should Say Everyday

These are the words that you should say to help you boost your mood.

1. Saying "hello"-Studies show that just smiling and saying “Hello” to a stranger gives you an instant mood-boost. What a concept! - You might even have a conversation to help pass the time! Also, since good moods are contagious, you might just make their day, too.

2. Thank You- In fact, you can’t say “Thank you” often enough. So, even if you feel someone’s doing you a service that’s just part of their job – like handing you a menu, or bringing another size to your dressing room - thanking them will give both of you a mood boost.

3. Please- Saying please can instantly turn a demand into a request. Studies show that people are much happier to comply with a request instead of an order.

4. How about “Here, take my seat”or “Let me help you with that.” Studies show that giving someone a hand – even if it just takes a split second - makes you feel like you’ve done your good deed for the day. So, if you see someone who’s elderly, pregnant or struggling in any way, don’t just stand there watching – step up to the plate and do something.

5. “I love you.” That’s not a phrase reserved just for your spouse. Don’t forget to say it to your kids, your parents, your grandma, and your good friends. Bottom line: It’s easy to assume that people “just know” we love them, but just hearing those little words is a proven stress reliever and mood booster.

So if you haven't said these things for awhile, start it today. Remember: "Practice makes perfect".

I have heard this article from DJ Tesh and you can read this article at DumbLittleMan website.

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