Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet the Surgeons

I've been discussing about laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) procedure or more known as the LAP-BAND surgery or other names include Realize BAND on my previous posting on my blog. The LAP-BAND surgery which is the only kind of procedure that is adjustable as well reversible weight-loss surgery that is available in the United States of America today.

Now you will have the chance to meet the lapband physician's of JourneyLite. If you live in the state of California the leading LAP-BAND surgeon is Dr. Helmuth Billy. And for instance, if you live in the state of Tennesse you will find 3 leading lap-band surgeons in your area namely: Dr. Richard F. Fromm, Dr. Jaime Ponce,and last but not the least is Dr. Steven Paynter. In the state of Florida you will meet leading LAP-BAND surgeon namely Dr. Robert Cywes and Dr. Michael Baptista. If you happen to live in Ohio State you will also find Dr.Trace W. Curry and Dr. Elliot J. Fegelman who are leading surgeons for LAP-BAND surgery. Finally, if you live in the state of Texas you will five leading LAP-BAND surgeons namely: Dr. Matthew St. Laurent, Dr. Richard Collier, Dr. Ata Ahmad, Dr. Sherman Yu, and Dr. Terry Scarborough.

JourneyLite works only with the best and most experienced laparoscopic bariatric surgeons because their client's health is their most important concerned. All their surgeons will provide you with their greatest care and attention for all their clients starting from the consultation and after the operation.

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