Friday, February 13, 2009

Fantastic Valentines Eve!

We are celebrating our Valentines Day ahead of time because we both work tomorrow. We both had our day off today and we went to the mall and do our little shopping spree. He bought clothes for me and I bought him clothes as well. We went to the movies and we watch the movie "Taken". After we watch the movie we went back to the mall and just looking around visiting our favorite stores like Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, Aeropostale, Anchor Blue, Old Navy, EB Games and many more.

And then after that we went to Red Lobster to have our dinner date. I ordered Cajun Chicken Linguine and my husband ordered seafood platter with Crab cake, clams and fish. We both had a great time together and we are just happy that our love and respect for each other grow stronger every single day. I am so touch with the card that he gave me as well as the sweet note that he wrote for me.

I just want to share how grateful I am for having such a wonderful, loving and responsible husband. Tony I love you dearly.


Anney said...

Visiting here! Happy Valentine's day to you and your family!

texaswithlove1982 said...

Thanks a lot!

Arya said...

Hi, Happy valentine day, have a great this time with your family, friends who close to you and beloved peoples. Take a good care.

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