Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Save Your Money When You Travel

Can you believe that you can still save money while traveling? Believe it or Not.

1. If you’d like to save money on hotel rooms, one person mentioned in the article had an interesting tip. The person said that they once worked at a hotel that had something called the “Flagpole Room” – because on windy nights, the flagpole on the roof of the hotel would vibrate and make a weird noise in that room. They always discounted it and sold it with a disclaimer. So now, when this person travels, they seek out these “hard-to-rent” rooms. They’ve stayed in a “Boiler Room,” an “Elevator Room,” an “Ice Machine Room,” and a room with a missing television. They say that if you don’t plan on being in the room much and you use ear plugs, you don’t notice the imperfections and can save money.

2. If you’re looking to save money on airline tickets, another person mentioned in the article swears by the travel website yapta.com. It monitors fares even after a ticket is purchased, and will help you get a refund if the fare goes down. The person said when the price dropped on a ticket they’d already bought, they were able to get a credit to use on another flight.

3. What about drinks? One person said they’ve saved hundreds of dollars on road trips by buying a giant thermos. They take the thermos into gas stations and fill it to the brim with coffee. Every single gas station that they’ve been to charges less than a dollar to do this.

4. Food. How can you save money here? You could try staying at hotels where rooms come equipped with kitchenettes or, at the very least, microwaves and coffee makers. That way, you can make your own food. One person mentioned in the article brings packets of oatmeal. You heat up the water in the coffee maker, dump the oatmeal into a coffee mug, and you have a healthy, economical breakfast. Also, shop at local grocery stores where the prices are much lower.

I got this article courtesy of MSNBC.com and DJ Tesh

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