Monday, February 2, 2009

Fortune Cookie!

This weekend, we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant here in our place to have our lunch. The food was delicious; I and my hubby both loved it. After we eat, the waiter gave us our bill. Well, I am not too sure if you also noticed that every time we eat at a Chinese restaurant that they will gave you "fortune cookies" together with the bill.

I open my fortune cookie and there's always a little note that you will find inside the cookie. The note on my fortune cookie says "You will step on the soil of many countries in your lifetime". It actually surprises me a lot and I giggled while telling my hubby and letting him read the note. My husband told me, well Geraldine you already step two soils of the two countries you've been. First, is the Philippines were you came from and second is the US were you now lived.

So it made me think that maybe I will be able to travel to other countries in the future, who knows?


eva said...

i love fortune cookies =)

ForestAddy said...

I love doing that too. Whenever we dine out, we always go to the nearest Chinese restaurant and I've always enjoyed each fortune cookies I get and the wordings from it.

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