Friday, March 25, 2011

Furniture for Your Dining Room

When we visited my father in law's house two days ago, it was very chaotic because they are doing some renovations around their house. In fact, my father in law asks me if I want the old Dining Room Furniture since they are going to get rid of it after the renovation is over. I was going to say yes but my husband told me that our furniture at our dining room at our apartment is still in great condition but maybe we can have it and just put it in our storage room for future usage.

During our visit at my father in law's house, my husband and I help them by painting one of the rooms at their house. The color was gorgeous and it turned real good, I was even surprised that we did a great job for that matter. Anyways, my father in law already told me that they have a surprised gift for me for my birthday next week and they will be visiting me at my place of work. I am looking forward to that indeed!

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