Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pulse Oximeter

My in laws are in their late 60's and since my husband and I lived close by we felt that it is our duty to make sure to monitor their health status and day to day activities especially that my father in law suffers from high blood pressure as well as he needs insulin every now and then if his sugar goes down.

About two weeks ago, my husband and I went to help his Dad clean his storage unit and garage and I remember clearly that he told my husband that he is looking a nonin 9550 which is a type of finger pulse oximeter which will help him know his vital signs. My husband told my father in law that he will try and see if he can find it online and will inform him ASAP.

While visiting some websites today, I have come across this website called Concord Health Supply dot com which offers a huge range of health care products including Pulse Oximeters, Pulse Oximeters Accessories, Latex Medical Gloves and much more. I feel really happy to have found this website because it only means one thing and that is I can inform my father in law about this online store tomorrow.

If you are curious to know if what's this website all about then I encourage you guys to check this out!

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