Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Cakes and Ideas

While chit chatting with one of my closest friend from church today, who also happen to be my colleague from my place of work, I found out today that her boyfriend just proposed to her last night and she accepted the proposal. I am really happy for her because I know that she has been waiting for this special moment to happen. She is now gathering different wedding food ideas that she can picked out but she has no clue if where to start or where to look. 

I told my friend that I found this amazing website called Fashionable Bride dot com which provides plenty of great concepts or ideas for anyone out there who are looking for wedding food ideas or even wedding cake designs that you can use for that special occasion. Before my friend and I left church she told me that she will check out the website as soon as possible. What are you waiting ladies? Check this out today!

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