Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Roll Your Blinds

I was having a blast at my place of work today because I think they were just too excited to have me back. One of my friends was actually looking for a place to rent since she is getting married by the end of this month. She was asking a lot of questions and I found it amusing because we discuss different things today from roller blinds down to how big my apartment was and where I bought all of my furniture.

Plus, I felt much honored because I am one of the VIP guests on her wedding day along with my better half. Anyways, while I was on my way to my humble abode, an idea just pop up out of nowhere and I am really excited to give her our wedding presents for her and her future husband. She had been a very great friend for the past three years and I am only wishing her all the best things that will come along in her life.

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teJan said...

haloo been quite a time:) musta na!

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