Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 Secrets To A Happy Marriage

5 secrets to a happy marriage

Marriage has been around for centuries, but many people still don’t seem to get it right. Is there a secret to why some marriages last and some fall at the first hurdle? Here are a few things that keep many couples on the right track…

Resolve conflicts quickly

There’s a very popular proverb that you shouldn’t go to bed on an argument. Good
communication is a key part of a happy marriage, and this means trying to resolve conflicts as quickly as possible. If you don’t do this, an undercurrent of tension and resentment could begin to grow in the house and slowly erode your relationship. Be open with each other, be reasonable and always listen to your other half’s point of view.

Cultivate the same interests

Whether you were matched for compatibility on or you met randomly in a club, you must already share a few similar interests. But it’s important in a long-term relationship to involve each other in all of your passions and bring your partner completely into your world. Introduce them to skiing if it’s a popular pastime of yours, or photography if you’re always snapping away. Also, try your best to get involved in what they love in return. This way you can spend more time together and really enjoy how you’re spending it.

Work to overcome bad habits

When you live together for a long time, there will inevitably be things that start to niggle at both of you – little habits such as leaving the toilet seat up, leaving towels on the floor or cracking your knuckles, for example. When your other half expresses their exasperation at one of these habits, try to take what they’re saying on board to avoid any further irritation.

Give each other space

Space is incredibly important in a marriage. Let your partner do his or her own thing, and make sure you hang on to your independence as well. You should still feel like you can go out and spend time with friends as much as you used to. Also, make sure you have a physical space of your own in the house – a study or a studio, for example. It’s important to have a place where you can be alone.

Keep it interesting

Ever heard the phrase ‘stuck in a rut’? This can become the fate of many marriages if the routine becomes too comfortable. It’s imperative to always be looking for ways to keep things new and interesting so you can always find new ways to see each other and spend time together. Travelling, learning a new skill together, starting a band – whatever it takes, make sure you keep things fresh and constantly in motion.

Whether in a Christian marriage, a Muslim marriage or a register-office marriage, stick to these rules and you’ll have a happier household.

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