Monday, May 2, 2011

Need a Handyman?

One of my closest friend who also happens to be from my island where I grew up in the Philippines is looking for a handyman pittsburgh to do some renovations around her house in preparation for their upcoming family reunion on her husband's side of the family. She and her husband along with their two kids had been residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for over ten years now. Anyways, the reunion will happen two months from today and she wanted to start the little project around their house as soon as possible.

After our little chitchat yesterday, I decided to scan the web and I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this website called Hire A Pro dot com which gives new clients and repeat customers like you and me the ability to find different companies or group of people to do your carpentry, plumbing needs, roofing, builders by clicking the name of your specific state where you live or by browsing the different categories within the website. What are you waiting folks? Look no further; just simply click the link above!

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