Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Personalize Belt Buckles

My husband and I recently hang out with one of his first cousins from his mother side of the family about a week ago. He recently come home from his deployment to Afghanistan and we were honored to be a part of the celebration of welcoming him home and to thank him and all the soldiers for all the great sacrifice they had done for our country.

He will be staying here in Texas for three months or so before his next deployment which is still unclear whether he will be back to Afghanistan or somewhere else. While talking to my dear hubby today I had found out that this cousin that I mention above will celebrate his birthday this coming 30th of May. Well, it only means that we still have plenty of time to look for that ideal gift for him.

While scanning the web today for some gift ideas for my husband's cousin I was lucky enough to have visited this online store called AM Novelty which offers a wide selection of products such as custom belt buckles, lapel pins, military belt buckles, dog tags, bag tags, golf accessories, bracelets, lanyards and much more. Look no further; surprise your loved ones with a personalize belt buckles today!

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