Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Try to Outwit the Survivor TV Show Cast

Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan
Since I watch the show Survivor on my Direct.TV and can't participate from Samoa or Palau or Nicaragua, I can at least try and outwit them. This is really the only reality TV show I watch. It is fun and entertaining to watch no matter where they are filming. I often find myself yelling at the people I perceive as villians (Russel for instance) and shaking my head at some of the Survivor cast as they make what I think are dumb decisions. Easy to do of course when you are not part of the tribe but merely watching.

The whole concept of the show is just fun to me even though it is a survivor situation that probably isn't a fun ride for the cast. I love the tribe interactions, the merges, the food prizes, the challenges, exile island, the idea of the hidden immunity idols and even the jury members, who are usually angry because they got kicked off. But, watching the Survivor players teamwork or the lack thereof is especially interesting. Everyone really is out for themselves on this show and they try so very hard to convince each other and the viewers that they are team players but they can't outwit me.

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