Thursday, September 15, 2011

Evacuating for the Hurricane

 Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

We are expected bad weather next week because of the hurricane that is brewing near Haiti. We are told that we may lose power for a few days and asked to board up our windows because the tropical storm brewing is expected to be a small hurricane when it reaches our neck of the woods. We have a good preparation plan that we have had to use many times before. We board up the windows, clean out the fridge, and take a few important papers and electronics with us if we have to evacuate. We recently got a home security systems alarm. I had never thought about the alarm and how it played into our preparation planned. I called the company to see if the alarm would still work if the power went out. I was delighted to find out that it would. We decided to add an alarm system to our home when we had to evacuate our homes last year. Fortunately, we did not get hit by a hurricane, but we many people returned to the neighborhood they found their homes broken into.

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