Monday, September 29, 2008

They Betrayed Me

Is there any such thing as an Ex-friend? I had an ex-friend who will go unnamed. My only weakness that I am still trying to overcome until now, is that I am overly friendly with people that wants to be a friend with me. I've learned my lesson to be distant with people for awhile and not to trust them fully. I should have follow my instinct to stay away from them but then my mind and my heart says a different thing.

There are people in this world that are jealous with other people's success in life or for everything that the other person accomplished. For instance, this ex-friend that I've been mentioning in this blog are very jealous that they decided to start bad-mouthing me and my family way before I arrived here in the US.

At that time, I felt that I am at the very bottom of my life. I thought that there will be no solution on the problem that I've been through. I am very thankful with my family that they never doubt me nor my husband who was my boyfriend before.

In the end I felt victorious because I never let them destroy my name or my reputation. I will not go into details here for some reason. Until now,I've been asking God to helped me, so I can give my total forgiveness to them. Its hard you know, I've been hurt, humiliated,they hurt my family too just by saying things that aren't true. Its hard for me to completely forgive them that fast. I know that we have to forgive but time can only tell when I am ready to give my honest forgiveness to those people who hurt me. Its hard to give your 100 percent trust to those people who betray you in the first place.


MARIKIT said...

Ger, I am very friendly too but I always keep my distance with people. I mean I'm not loner I'm just careful.

texaswithlove1982 said...

Kit, just like you, I am not a loner.I am very happy just to be with my husband and my new family here in the states. I have a few trusted filipina friends here in El Paso, that I actually keep in touch with. I've known a lot of them but I try not to be closely associated with them. There are reasons that I cannot tell online.

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