Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit Bohol, My Home Sweet Home

Bohol island is located in the Central Visayas which is South from Manila and southeast from Cebu. The capital of Bohol is Tagbilaran City. There are 47 municapality in Bohol. The language or dialects spoken in Bohol is Boholano (Visayan) , Tagalog, English and Chinese.

Bohol is famous for its white sand beaches, the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, the smallest primate in the world. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and corral reefs, Bohol is a travel destination for tourist & travelers who love nature. The Chocolate Hills is nominated as one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature". Needless to say, water sports is very popular in Bohol. Aside from the beaches, another attraction of Bohol are its numerous caves there are more than 1,400 to explore. Most famous of which is the Hinagdanan Cave on Panglao island. The cave directs to an underground pond with many stalactites & stalagmites.

Bohol is also famous with their historic and old churches that were built during the Spaniards colonial domain here in the Philippines. Every small town in Bohol has their own Churches.You can also visit Pamilacan Island in Bohol to dolphin and whale watching. You can also check the historic site of the Blood Compact where the Chief of Bohol Datu Sikatuna signified the friendship and acceptance of the Spanish Leader Legaspi. Make a side trip to Loboc River Cruise a scenic ride on a large bamboo raft while having lunch on the Loboc River. A relaxing and enjoyable way to spend the day.And don't forget to visit the Tarsier Trail. A sanctuary for the Tarsiers where these tiny primates are at home with people. Visitors can actually touch and hold the Tarsiers. The Tarsiers are nocturnal, they hunt & eat insects at night.And likewise don't miss to check out Panglao Islands. Just a short boat ride away, Panglao offers an array of beaches, resorts and dive camps to choose from and offers different accommodations for different tastes & budgets. Lastly but not the least Punta Cruz Watchtower. A high point in Bohol with an impressive view the Cebu Strait (the strait between Bohol & Cebu).

There are two ways to get to Bohol island (Tagbilaran). From Manila, you have a choice of going by air or by boat. By air you have a choice of airlines to fly: Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific.

I hope on your next vacation don't forget to visit my island where I used to lived.I know that you will never regret visiting my wonderful place.

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