Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Least We Can Expect

Last Saturday we were invited to attend a birthday party for one of my co-worker. Since my husband Tony was also working, I have to wait for him at the apartment.

We went there a little bit late but when we arrived at the venue, there were a lot of teenagers who were drinking alcoholic drinks. I even ask my husband, I thought it’s not legal for them to drink? How come they are drinking? And my husband said, they always do that Geraldine. We stay there for a few minutes before heading back to our apartment. Both of us were not comfortable, we just chit chat a little bit with Brenda the birthday girl just to give respect since she invited us.

We were expecting that there will be food to be served and everything. But there was none, so people just go there I guess to get drunk. I've seen some of my other co-workers and you can actually tell that they are drunk because of the way they talked to you.

Anyways, we are not really used to that kind of atmosphere. So before we will say something rude to them, we just say our goodbyes to the birthday celebrant.

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