Sunday, September 14, 2008

Need Covers?

Are you planning to buy new Hot tub supplies.This is the best site to inquire about Hot Tub Covers and Spa Cover Lifter.If you are looking for the best spa cover lifter and hot tub cover now here is your chance.

There are things you need to consider before buying spa cover lifter and hot tub covers. First and foremost is the Foam Thickness-
Most of the spa cover lifter these days are tapered so that the rain, snow and ice will run off much like the roof of your house.The difference in the thickness of the foam is not only size but also load capacity, and that is the most important part of the thickness. The thicker the foam the heavier the load that the cover can withstand.

The second thing that you need to consider before buying a spa cover lifter or hot tub cover is Foam density-
Foam density plays a vital role in your insulation value and again the load capacity that your cover can endure. There are 3 levels of Foam density being used today these are: 1lbs., 1.5lbs., and 2lbs. The foam density is measured in pound per square inch. The lower the foam poundage the more open the cells of the foam are. This results in lower R-value, lower weight capacity and higher saturation points. These three points are important for the performance of your spa cover lifter. The density of your foam will enviably determine the years of service your hot tub cover will provide. The higher the density the longer it will take for the cover to become waterlogged. The higher the density of foam is, the lower your operational cost will be, but be careful of weight.

The third attribute to consider will be the Vinyl-
The vinyl used in today's high end spa cover lifter is 32 oz. and is treated with UV and mildew inhibitors which allows for more hours in direct sunlight and keeps mildew from building on your cover. Always look for covers with marine grade vinyl. With the new treatments available on marine grade vinyl fading is minimal and you can choose the darker colors to accent your yard.

The fourth one is Scrim-

The Scrim is the material used on the underside of your spa cover lifter. The primary function of the scrim is to protect the foam core from moisture. There are many different types of scrim available ranging from cheap mesh to the latest and greatest reflective full backing. We recommend only full scrim for the underside and protection of your foam cores. There are different types of full scrims as well. Some are water repellent and some are not. The best scrim out there is the reflective scrim which deflects the radiant heat from your spa back into the spa reducing your heating cost, but more importantly this material is water repellent saving your foam core and adding years of service to your cover.

The fifth is Poly wrap-

Poly wrap is a moisture barrier around the foam core. Most poly wraps are 3 mil. and are vacuum and heat sealed. The first thing to look at is the thickness of the poly wrap do not accept anything less than 3 mil and if you can upgrade to 6 mil or a double vapor seal, it is well advised to make the investment. Look out for poly wraps that are taped, these will not stand up to the moisture in your spa and cause your hot tub top to become waterlogged.

The sixth is Locks-

This is very important as there have been increased reports of accidental drowning among small children in spas. There are options available 2 locks or 4, we highly recommend 4 locks, 1 in each corner for as stated safety, and as well to keep your spa top in place due to wind. Remember to always insure that new hardware is installed for your locks as the plastic will wear over years of use. Try to replace your locks in a different location from where they were originally as the original location will be worn.

The seventh attribute will be Reinforcement-

All spa covers should have a reinforcing c-channel either aluminum or galvanized steel. Either one is fine with the galvanized steel being slightly stronger but a little heavier. This is a minor trade off and either is sufficient.

Indeed, this site is very helpful for people who are first time buyers for a Hot Tub Cover and a Spa Cover Lifter.

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