Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Worst Headache Ever

I never had experience this bad headache ever in my life. Twas really that bad, I felt like I'm gonna passed out anytime soon. It started last Thursday while I am about to be done with my shift at work. I thought at first that it was like a normal headache.But then, it was too different than the normal headache that I had before.

When I arrived at our house, I was totally in pain and I had to take some kind of a pain reliever, the one that I used to take when I had a headache. Well, ones the medicine took effect I was alright for a few hours and then It went back again. So I have to take two tablets after 6 or 8 hours or so. I had a restless night, I was complaining to my husband that the medicine that we had is not helping my headache in anyway.

Then I noticed that the light from the sun had a weird effect on me.I had a hard time staring directly to the light, I used my sunglasses so I can at least be comfortable with the lights around me. It was totally weird, I felt uncomfortable with the situation.Every time I took off the sunglasses my head just hurts really bad and I got dizzy you know.

Saturday morning comes, and my situation is getting worse. My husband decided that we will go to the doctor so we will at least be informed on what is actually going on with me. The doctor said that with the symptoms that I have, I am actually having a mild migraine. They gave me an over the counter medicine for migraine.

I tried to call in sick at my working place but nobody is available to take my shift so even if I'm sick I am still needed to work. I was very furious but I can't complained you know.Anyways, I had to take that medicine before I start working. The effect was crazy than what I was expected to happened. My headache was gone but then I felt that the medicine had a different effect on me.I felt that my nerves inside my body is just chilling or something. Its a weird feeling, I have to moved, my hands were shaking it was the weirdest thing that happened to me.

Later, today we will be going to the doctor again to see if he can gave me another medicine that is less stronger than what he had given me earlier yesterday. Even my husband was worried and he picked me up at work.

Its not fun to have a migraine.

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