Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprised Birthday Party for my Husband Tony

Well, two days ago my father-in-law told me that Tony's sisters are planning to give him a surprised birthday party this coming weekend. Although his birthday falls on September 22 which is the following week from now, they want to have the party by this weekend because they are free from work.They live in another state and I was very happy to know that they don't actually forget their only brother's birthday. So now, I am trying to lure my husband that his Saturday will be free also from work and everything.

My father-in-law called earlier this evening and he told me that his gifts are ready as well as my sister-in-laws gifts for my hubby. Well, I already order his birthday gift from me online so I hope he will be very happy. He will be turning 27 this coming September 22. We are both excited!

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