Friday, September 19, 2008

Going to the gym is a torture for me!

I guess I am just lazy to go to the gym most of the time. I always make excuses not to go and my husband already knew it. Usually my excuse will be , Oh hon, I am very tired right now, can we go to the gym tomorrow instead? and then tomorrow comes and if still don't have the vibes to go to the gym I'll make another excuses like, can we go tomorrow for 1 hour I promise I will do the thread mill and the bike its quite funny but true. This is the usual little things that we don't agree most of the time.

But I know to be physically fit is very important. My husband always told me that he wanted to be in shape all the time because he also works as a Martial Arts instructor and he doesn't want his students to think that he is telling them to do things and on his part his not doing it.

Its easy to gain weight compared to losing the weight off. But I know, I need to do it by myself because its my health that we are talking here. And if we love ourselves we should do things that will be of good for our own body.

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MARIKIT said...

Hi Ger, I'm the opposite, I love going to the gym maybe because I just started.

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