Sunday, June 28, 2009

Child Abuse

The assistant manager at the restaurant that I worked at told me something shocking that happened to her nephew's son. The mother of this child, who I will call Miss J, used to work in the same restaurant that I am working at. Miss J and my assistant manager's nephew, who I will call Mr. H, recently separated because she cheated on him. They have two children named Eli and Shi. Miss J lives with her new boyfriend together with their kids. She always received child support from Mr H and for this reason Miss J wants to have sole custody of the children.

Well, last weekend Miss J apparently called Mr. H at his working place to give him an important message. Mr. H who is the nephew of our assistant's boss was not there because he went out off town for work related purposes. My assistant manager and her older sister, who is the grandma of the kids, already suspected that something wrong was going on with the children. The first thing they did was to call all of the hospitals here in El Paso, Texas in search of Eli.

The hospital would not give any details about what happened to Eli, the older child, because they want proof if they are related or not. They went to the hospital and brought the birth certificate for Eli, Social Security Card and photos. The physician that took care of Eli told them that Eli received a third degree burn from his tummy down to his toes.

Miss J was in the hospital but she didnt want to get out of the room where Eli was confined because she knows that my assistant manager's family would ask her about what happened.The doctor's advised them that they have to fly Eli to Lubbock, Texas because they have a burn unit facility there. When they arrived there; doctors had to do series of skin grafting to Eli's body.

The physician told my assistant manager's family that he suspected the burns that Eli received were intentional. They also found out that it was Miss J's boyfriend that did this horrific thing. Miss J only denied the allegations and is defending her current boyfriend.

I was especially shocked to discover that Miss J chose her boyfriend above her children. She is one of the worst mothers I know. She doesn't deserve to have these wonderful kids. Mr H and his older sister are suing the man who did this to Eli and fighting to gain full custody of Eli and Shi.

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