Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to Turn Marigolds into Massage Lotion

  1. Start off by growing the species of marigold known as calendula oficcinalis or pot marigold. Do not use pesticides or herbicides on these marigolds if you plan to use them on or in your body.

  2. Once the marigolds have bloomed, pick them. Remove their heads. Let them dry out. Get them nice and dry. Wet marigold heads can cause mold growth in the oil.

  3. Pack dry marigolds into a canning jar.

  4. Take some olive oil. Warm it slightly and pour into the jar. Make sure that all flowers are covered with the oil.

  5. Cover jar with cheesecloth. Place jar in window. When the oil has turned a golden color, strain oil into a bottle or flask. Store in cool, dry place.
A wonderful article I read from the Discovery Channel.


klivengood said...

oi naa na diri Gee..hehehe lovely kaayo ang flower. Anyway, pani-udto na diri Monday pa jud..paita ning lain lain ang atong oras...nag una ko sa inyo..hehe

texaswithlove1982 said...

mao na, mao lagi kami padung pami matulog.

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