Monday, June 22, 2009

Got My Biometrics Appointment Today!

I am very happy and I am looking forward on my Biometrics Schedule next month. My husband was the one who received my Biometrics Notice since I was still at work when the mail man came in today. He asked me first if he can open my letter and I said go ahead that is fine with me.

I am also happy today because I got a plaque of appreciation from the company I work for almost two years now. I have no clue that the owner will be there at work today. I was surprised when they called me to go to the office and I ask my big boss, am I in trouble? Everyone said "no" and they give me the plaque and said "thank you for being an excellent worker". I am flabbergasted!



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Analou and Bones said...

Wow, two big things happen to you today. You deserve it. I am sure your hubby and your family are very proud of you. Congratulation!