Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sisters Emerald and Jhela!

I would like to greet my two beautiful younger sisters Emerald and Jhela a happy birthday. Emerald is 26 years old today and Jhela is 15 years old today. I pray that both of you will continue to receive good health, more blessings, and will always achieved your goals in life. I am happy to have a wonderful and loving sisters, I very bless to be your older sister.

Emerald, you are not only my sister but you are also my bestfriend. Remember those times when Mama used to dress us like twins? I will always cherish those times when we protect and help each other at school. I know that I can always count on you no matter what. Happy Birthday Nday. We love you!

To Jhela, thank you for being a wonderful example to our younger sisters and brothers. I commend you for sharing your talent and for being a smart student. You remind me of Emerald when she was your age; you are the light version of Emerald. I love you and happy birthday Jhelatin!

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