Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ways to Help Baby's Weight

To all Mom out there or Mom-to-be please make sure that you watch your baby's weight. Pediatrics found out that baby who gains too much weight in the first 6 months have a greater risk of being obese by age 3. So maybe it's time to consider changing your habits before it's too late.

1. When the baby cries, don't immediately offer food- Try to soothing the baby or check if the baby needs a diaper change. Tear's doesn't necessarily mean that the baby is hungry. You don't want your baby to automatically associate food with comfort.

2. Wait until 4 months or later to feed your child a cereal- When you feed your baby with cereals make sure you will serve it in a bowl and not a feeding bottle. In this way your baby eats a proper portion.
3. When you baby starts on solids, let your baby discovers her likes and dislikes- For instance you might not like tomatoes but your baby might love it. The more healthy food she can choose from the more your baby will eat well.

4. Let your baby tell you when he's full--it's okay if he doesn't finish all his food- Apply this rule to feeding bottles, feeding jars and table food.

I have read this article from Baby American Magazine.


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