Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes to Dinovite!

Do you ever wonder why your dog sheds a lot of hair? When I first arrived in the US, we actually lived at my husband's Step Father's house for a while. He owned a black Labrador named Negra. Negra the black Lab is really playful and I helped my Step Dad-in-law comb her hair every month. We have noticed that every time the seasons change, Negra always sheds a lot of hair. Her hair just scattered around the living room and the kitchen. She doesn't only shed hair but Negra also scratches herself like crazy.

The first time I noticed this behavior I had asked my husband's Step Dad if this was just natural for Negra to do that. He told me that Negra has been like that as far as he can remember. I am happy that I have found this website called Dinovite. Their products contain the complete vitamins and nutrients that your beloved pet needs. They sell dog treats and dog foods such as lickochops, Supromegal salmon oil, Supromega Fish oil and more.

You can find answers to your questions at their solutions center . Rest assured that Dinovite products are naturally made which means that there are no artificial flavors. Please act now, don't let your pet suffer any more. Dinovite products are the answer.

I have also uploaded a picture of myself with Negra the black Lab.


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